Clarice & Sérgio Assad: Relíquia


Really lovely sounds from the father/daughter team of Clarice and Sergio Assad – a pair who would already be great as a musical duo, even without a family connection! Sergio plays acoustic guitar throughout – with a fullness of sound, but also the lighter, lyrical sensibility that makes him a perfect match for Clarice’s vocals – which have that mix of jazz and more personal expression we love in our favorite Brazilian singers from the 70s(…)

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Dear friends, The project I’m proudly part of ‘Saffron Caravan’ with Moroccan (Vocals and Oud) AARON BENSOUSSAN, – Israeli-Arab (Oud) HAYTHAM SAFIA and the Special Guest percussionist Keita Ogawa, Japan is coming back to Chicago! Please, would you help us to spread it around? It’s going to be an amazing night and we’ll love to have you and your friends there!

Check it out!
Sep 15th
Dinner 6:30pm
Concert 8pm

(Official Video) Royals – Badi Assad (Lorde Cover)

A Lorde Cover
by Badi Assad
album Hatched
recorded by Quatro Ventos

Produced by Quatro Ventos

Directed by Alfredo Nagib Fritz, Carlinhos Reis e Badi Assad
Produced by Badi Assad
Executive Producer Badi Assad
Director of Photography Alfredo Nagib Filho
Edited by Carlinhos Reis
e Wenderson Maldonado
Post-Production Carlinhos Reis e Wenderson Maldonado
Color Grading Wenderson Maldonado
DoP Assistant: Leo Nogueira Urubu
Beauty Design Leticia de Carvalho
Beauty Artist Gui Chapina

Badi wears Ronaldo Fraga

Location in Águas da Prata (SP-Brazil))
Manufactures Water Bottling ‘Fonte Platina’
Cascatinha’s Waterfall

Special Thanks

Municipality of Águas da Prata (SP-Brazil)
Walter Monici and Eduardo Akira Okada (Fonte Platina)
Vivian Galdino
Reginaldo Rodrigues
Rafael Gomes
Alice de Abreu
Sunior Souza
D’Addario Strings
Murilo Ferreira
Takamine Guitars