All that is born or produced on our beloved planet remains right here. There is no magic vanishing formula for things we don’t need anymore, including our very own thoughts. It all depends on an awareness that our ‘junk’ can (and should) be recycled, as well as our ideas and outdated concepts, which prevent us from growing and conquering the harmony necessary for equality and peace. We humans are part of nature. When we die, we return to the earth. We are not disposable garbage accumulated in piles. Everything made to serve man should be designed and manufactured with the awareness that we are part of a network with constant and infinite exchange. Everything should be on this two-way road where there aren’t winners and losers, but beings that respect their origins and their continuities. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Man judges himself superior to everything he consumes and produces, including everything that feeds him (fauna and flora). How can we judge ourselves superior to a tree, if we know that we could not survive without it? How can we waste water knowing that without it we wouldn’t survive either? A flower does not grow before a branch that does not grow before a trunk that does not grow before a seed. All of a tree’s potential exists within one tiny seed… And so it is with everything, including our own garbage. It exists within the potential of each one of us, from a plastic supermarket bag to a tire, a plastic bottle, a glass bottle, an old car, a refrigerator … Really, all that no longer serves us, can (and should) be transformed into something that can continue to live. Just as our body, after our physical death, eventually serves as food for tiny beings, everything is always changing form. Imagine that nature is priceless! But natural resources of our planet were exchanged for pennies. And if we do not wake up, and soon, the day will come when nature can no longer stand alone in offering and then yes, just like magic, our ‘superior’ forces will be useless.

badi assad – Oct/2009









Plant a Tree The Plant a Tree Institute is an institution created nonprofit dedicated to social and environmental awareness working to combat deforestation, valuing the role of tree planting and reforestation as a way to combat global warming and preservation of nature and its resources









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