IBMF 48hours Marathon – 16-17/September

This weekend will happen a 48-hour Marathon on Body Music, via Web Radio Catimbau, Recife (BR). Something not so common.

But Badi what is it? I’m sure some would know but maybe most don’t? Body Music = Music produced only from the human body, without any electronic interference. Very interesting, huh? A certain natural antidote to the paraphernalia that consumes us lately.

Keith Terry is the head behind it all. He was the one who created, next to his wife Eve Landin the IBMF (International Body Music Festival). Next year they will celebrate its 10th edition! An impressive achievement. Spreading body music around the world! Our biggest representation in Brazil is the amazing #Barbatuques.

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon interviewing leading artists around the world for the marathon: Pedro Consorte (BR) Leela Petronio (France), Thanos Daskalopoulos (Greece), Eve Landin (USA) and KEITH TERRY (USA). Yes! I had the great privilege of interviewing him. It was a giant pleasure.

It’s worth checking out the Marathon! And to know what is happening in this human universe. Then you let me know Conexão Catimbau_Marathona Body Music 48H-9th IBMF 2017 Minifest Series-page-001


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