Two Worlds One


“Two Worlds One”
A Musical Message to the World.
“TWO WORLDS ONE” is the name of the first album & band project of both KreuschBros. together, noted pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, who has played with Herbie Hancock, Kenny Garrett, Bobby McFerrin, Salif Keïta & many others, as well as Johannes Tonio Kreusch, who has worked with Giora Feldman, Ornette Coleman, Markus Stockhausen, Andy York & many others.

Both prolific & innovative artists in their own fields, jazz/improvisation & classical/composition, they invited two of the most cutting edge world musicians: Famed Brazilian singer/guitarist Badi Assad, who has worked with Bobby McFerrin, Yo Yo Ma, John McLaughlin & many others, as well as master percussionist Jamey Haddad, who is currently in the bands of Paul Simon & Sting & played with everyone from Herbie Hancock to Dawn Upshaw.

The quartet creates soundscapes of beauty & rhythm, while Badi´s Portugese vocals add special flavor to a number of tracks. Recorded on the day after 9/11 in New York City, this album is now available for the first time to the public. It is also a musical manifesto for a world, that is united in the true sense of the word.

CD with 12 page Booklet, VINYL, DIGITAL & VIDEO.


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