Dear Badi,

I hope all is well! I’ve got good news! We are finally ready to launch our ambitious project Billion Signs! It took me somewhat longer then expected ;) but I’m very proud to announce that we are launching our website billionsigns.com today with more then 200 celebrities from 46 countries worldwide involved!! To name just a few: David Guetta, Avicii, Sean Paul, Robbie Williams, Olly Murs, Wyclef Jean and many others!

Now we just need to inspire the rest of the world to upload their peace sign pictures as well! ! Since we are aiming to attract a billion peace sign pictures! With each uploaded picture we automatically will generate 1 cent for children of war by donating this to charity organization War Child. These cents are provided by our sponsors!

Everyone that has worked on this project and helped me out did so completely non profit!

You can help us realising our goal, of reaching 1 billion peace sign pictures, by sharing one (or both) of the following options on your social media channels:

- Your peace sign picture on our website:

Last month we have recorded a great commercial starring Obama! Would be great if you would like to share this commercial on your social media channels so everyone gets to know our initiative!!!

Together we can make this happen!! :)

Best wishes,

Wouter Cornet

    Badi Assad, we learned, is pronounced Badji Assage, which is fantastically cool and it’s not lost on us that her name literally spells out badass. What confidence she brought to the stage, striding proudly while playing both delicately and powerfully on her nylon string electro-acoustic guitar. She sang through a head mic which gave her mobility and she used it, even doing a borderline samba while playing. She sang mostly in Portuguese, but one could follow the story of songs like “Voce Nao Entendeu Nada” though her drama and dynamics. She did a couple of covers of recent pop songs, as per her new album, including a bossa nova take on Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man.” Beyond the organic polyrhythms of her right hand on the guitar and her vocal phrasing, she’s also gifted at scat and mouth percussion, around which she built her entire final number. She sang tones and made drum sounds at the same time. She popped her cheeks and throat and conjured a deeply corporeal groove. What came through mostly however was Assad’s charm and lifelong love of an audience and a good collaborative feeling.

    by Craig Havighurst (Music City Roots Concert, Nashville)

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Starting the year

The year started… but maybe you don’t know that here in Brazil it’s a little bit different then the rest of the world. Why? Because here the year only starts after Carnival, which begins tomorrow!

And while Brazilians go nuts I’ll be enjoying the most amazing gathering of guitar players in San Francisco this Saturday! Along with the finger-style master Martin Taylor and the jazz duo of Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo – I’ll be performing for the Omni Foundation’s Dynamite Guitars, at the Palace of Fine Arts. For more information, go to OmniConcerts.

After the weekend I’ll enjoy the great blues player Roy Rogers and the amazing multi-instrumentalist Carlos Reyes on a recording session for our upcoming project ‘StringShot’ Stay tuned!

On the 12th I’ll perform at the Shedd Institute for the Arts, in Eugene, OR @ 7:30
Catching a flight at 5:00 am (!!) I’ll fly to MN next day (13th) to perform for the BrazilFest, at the International Market Square. Carnival day!!!! It’s going to be 2 concerts. In the early afternoon I’ll play to children. Dressing for them, I’ll sing songs from my Brazilian kid’s project ‘Cantos de Casa’. And during the night I’ll perform for the adults. You can’t miss it!!

Next day (14th) at Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant , I’ll perform to celebrate Valentines Day, with the great guitar player and singer Robert Everest as my special guest.

Other dates to keep promoting my brand new cd HATCHED:

18th – Argenta Arts Artistic Music series – Little Rock, AR @7:30
24th – Music city roots – Nashville, TN @8h

2nd – Old Town School of Folk, Chicago, IL @8h
5th – Great Guitar Gathering (with Ana Vidovic)- 128, East Forsyth St/Jacksonville, FL @8h

PLEASE!!! Let your friends know I’ll be around! Come with them! Let’s celebrate!

I need your support. With your word out it becomes easier to enjoy life.

Badi Assad

Two Worlds One


“Two Worlds One”
A Musical Message to the World.
“TWO WORLDS ONE” is the name of the first album & band project of both KreuschBros. together, noted pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, who has played with Herbie Hancock, Kenny Garrett, Bobby McFerrin, Salif Keïta & many others, as well as Johannes Tonio Kreusch, who has worked with Giora Feldman, Ornette Coleman, Markus Stockhausen, Andy York & many others.

Both prolific & innovative artists in their own fields, jazz/improvisation & classical/composition, they invited two of the most cutting edge world musicians: Famed Brazilian singer/guitarist Badi Assad, who has worked with Bobby McFerrin, Yo Yo Ma, John McLaughlin & many others, as well as master percussionist Jamey Haddad, who is currently in the bands of Paul Simon & Sting & played with everyone from Herbie Hancock to Dawn Upshaw.

The quartet creates soundscapes of beauty & rhythm, while Badi´s Portugese vocals add special flavor to a number of tracks. Recorded on the day after 9/11 in New York City, this album is now available for the first time to the public. It is also a musical manifesto for a world, that is united in the true sense of the word.

CD with 12 page Booklet, VINYL, DIGITAL & VIDEO.


ARTIST Websites:



Two Worlds One

The Kreusch Brothers invited me and the percussionist Jamey Haddad to be part of their beautiful CD ‘Two Worlds One’. It’s receiving great reviews in Germany (where they are from). Now we have a video. You should check it out! Very, very beautiful. The lyrics are in portuguese, but there is an english version as well. I wrote it. A tribute to the Mother Earth. Very appropriate for the moment, by the way…

Badi@ Iridium Jazz Club


Badi Assad At Iridium Jazz Club

Backed solely by her nylon-string electric guitar, Brazilian singer and guitarist Badi Assad took to the stage in her first U.S. tour since 2007 in support of her 2015 release Hatched (Quatroventos, 2015). Before playing, she spoke of her mixed heritage coming from Lebanon, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, kicking off the set with “Eu Vim Daquele Lugar,” whose lyrics emphasize her country’s melting pot. She followed that with a tune inspired by the beats of northeastern Brazil filled with her characteristic mouth clicks and improvised vocalizations and quickly went into Rio’s classic bossa nova groove with “Basica,” a playful tune about how a white blouse might be unaffected by one’s perception of fashion, citing passages from Ary BarrosoAry Barroso
‘s “Aquarela do Brasil in her playing.

Aware that many fans were there for her earlier material, she included several instrumental pieces that enhanced her guitar chops. But her focus that evening was on Hatched so she quickly dove into material, starting with Mumford & Son’s “Little Lion Man” with a bossa nova-like feel that was quite different from the original recording. She then followed with Hozier’s “Sedated,” again taking the music in a completely different direction using mostly her guitar’s harmonics as accompaniment to her singing.

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