LIFEM 2014 – Kings Place – London / UK

Our concert in London left good impressions… The public was very warm and we felt their connection during the whole evening. Simone, Oleg and myself played our hearts out! Good memories… And it seems that the writer from World Music Magazine , Teto Parvanov, felt the same. Thank you for the review and thank Celine Cruze for the great pictures! This beautiful dress is made by the brazilian fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga.

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Badi Assad

Offenbach (DE)

Badi Assad, Simone Sou & Oleg Fateev
Offenbach (DE)

Badi Assad on Europetour with Simone Sou


This is a special duo project of two master female musicians that will premiere in Europe in Octo- ber, following the European release this summer of Badi Assad‘s new album ‘Love and other Manias’ by Moosicus Records, distributed by Indigo (DE).

Badi Assad on voice, guitar, mouth and body percussion;
Simone Sou on drums and percussion:

A special female duo indeed by two Brazilian music magicians.

Badi Assad transcends traditional styles of her native Brazilian music with a mixture of pop, jazz and world/ethnic sounds. As a result, the extraordinary singer, guitarist, and percussionist is successfully forging an exhilarating genre of music that quite literally defies categorization.

What makes Badi Assad so unique is her hungry pursuit of performance experimentation that no other artist has done: she combines an extraordinary guitar talent, a unique mouth percussion, beautiful singing, rhythmic body movement, to create an exciting, fresh music sound, and leaving spectators simply breathless. Watching Badi perform is like witnessing a spiritual phenomenon. How she does what she does all at once, and delivering an extraordinary performance, is quite unbelievable.

Simone Sou is also an artist with a firm international reputation. Her presence on the stage is like a fire. Her knowledge of Brazilian, African and Latin rhythms allows her to play through any musical style. In the early 90s Simone recorded with Itamar Assumção, one of the most important representative artists from São Paulo. In the 90s till 2005 she toured with Chico Cesar on many continents playing the big festivals. Due to that collaboration Simone received her first assignment to write film music. Internationally she established herself even more with the legendary psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes. Later she met Oleg Fateev playing in a project with the New York based Ethel String Quartet.

In 1998 Simone was invited to create ‘Menagerie’ with Badi and the ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young. Together they toured United States leaving good impressions all over. They recorded an album called ‘Nowhere’ that was released in 2000.

In that same year, Badi returned to live in Brazil and invited Simone for a series of concerts called ‘De volta ao Brasil’, in São Paulo. Ended up that it was selected among the 100 best shows of the last century’s decade, by the acclaimed Brazilian magazine Bravo! For that project they composed together the song ‘Feminina’ that was included in Badi’s Verde and selected for many Brazilian short movies.

Badi Assad already worked with musicians such as Bob McFerrin, Yo-Yo-Ma, Sarah McLaughlin, Seu Jorge… And recorded with Larry Coryel, John Abercrombie and her brothers Sérgio and Odair Assad among others. In her shelf she carries 11 CD releases and 3 DVDs.

Simone Sou already worked with legends of Brazilian music and toured the world. She lives at the present in Holland and is working on her 2nd CD, while giving workshops and lectures, and compo- sing music for films and theatre.

Tourdates Autumn 2014 (confirmed so far):
25.10.2014 Gitarrenfestival Bad Wildungen, Bad Wildungen, Germany
26.10.2104 Nochtspeicher, Hamburg, Germany
27.10.2014 Cafe Hahn, Koblenz, Germany
29.10.2014 London International Festival of Exploratory Music, London, UK
30.10.2014 Hafen 2, Offenbach bei Frankfurt, Germany
31.10.2014 Kulturzentrum Pavillon, Hannover, Germany
01.11.2014 Neue Schmiede, Bielefeld, Germany
02.11.2014 Jazztage Dresden, Dresden, Germany
05.11.2014 Objekt 5, Halle, Germany

Luna Guitars interviews Badi

IMG_3568 fin web copy

One of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Guitarists, Brazilian Badi Assad appears here playing a ukulele. From a less amazing, playful, open performer this might surprise. But Assad, who has performed with YoYo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, and Sarah McLachlan (to name just a few of the more familiar international stars), comes from a classical tradition through a fusion of pop and jazz that opens any musical door one can imagine. Her vocal virtuosity includes simultaneously singing, clicking, smooching, and whooshing as she plays brilliantly – hard to describe (as much great art is).

All of our artists are interesting musicians and interesting people: we love listening to them. We couldn’t help noticing how exceptionally thoughtful, fresh and fun Badi’s answers to our questions were. She started out….

Yes, Yvonne, lets go :)

Yvonne: You play a Luna uke on your new children’s CD “Cantos de Casa”, but you are known for being an extraordinarily accomplished and innovative guitarist. Please describe your guitar music for Luna fans.

Badi: I use to call myself restless because I’m always searching for some novelties to keep myself interested in life and in music. My approach to guitar had many different phases: The first one was to explore the classical side of it, with all the intricate techniques involved. Second, I discovered the guitar as a percussion instrument. This led me to start combining the guitar with other instruments (shakers, marimbas..) hat (with my voice) would create the illusion of A One-Woman Band, all together and simultaneously. At a certain point I started to explore the sounds of the guitar with objects that would interfere in its natural sound (such an electric fan, a wet piece of cloth). Today my approach to the guitar is a result of all of it, BUT I’m keeping it simple. After the birth of my daughter simplicity became part of my life, in general.

Yvonne: Your daughter Sofia’s appearance in your world must have changed your ability to travel temporarily, but it seems that she has led to new explorations of music within the home. What have you learned in this magical realm?

Badi: Yes, as you say, a magical realm where Sofia was born and I reborn. She brought another sense for all of it. Why I’m here and so on. As I already said, simplicity. To witness that little creature smiling back to me was like a miracle was embracing my existence. I wrote a lot of songs in her first years. Something like 150. Half of them devoted, obviously, to her – a deep inspiration.

Yvonne: You use daily routines as the inspiration for many of your songs in Cantos de Casa. It is said that music establishes a sense of order and predictability for children and helps in establishing daily routines. Did you find this to be true?

Badi: Completely. Without routine the child gets lost in an unlimited world. Without it they would never understand they’re not the universe itself. It could really be different…But it isn’t. Music is a magical force that helps, in my opinion, to realise it. We feel the music, but we cannot touch it. It brings us emotions without a real comprehension of how (and why) it happens. With this reality we can use music to wake up the child, to play, to relax, to flirt with imagination, and so on.

Yvonne: How did you make the leap from CD to stage on this project? Or was the performance planned all along?

Badi: As I said I had many songs to choose from. It was a tough decision to make. So I called a theatre director, Angelo Brandini, to help in the creation of a line of logic among those songs. He helped to organise them as the daily life of a child inside a musical home.

Badi: To record the CD I didn’t use any conventional percussion instrument to play the grooves. It was done using only naturally things found in a home such as brooms, dishes, glasses, garbage canes, plastic bags… And also some instruments we created using ‘stuff’ found in a home construction such as copper and pvc pipes, an incredible instrument made using plastic soda bottles tuned with air (!)… These instruments became the scenario of the play. I called 2 musicians to re-created the recording sounds and also a clown to stage with me.

Badi: On stage it’s not Badi that carries the ‘story’. It is a funny character I use to play with Sofia, called Roberta. A sort of mad maid.

Yvonne: You grew up in a musical family. What was it like for you?

Badi: Very inspiring. In the beginning I just wanted to be like my brothers, Sérgio and Odair. Later I realised I was very different and since then I started to follow my own inspirations.

Yvonne: Do you have advice for new parents regarding music in the household?

Badi: Oh Yes. I don’t know about America, but in Brazil there is a tendency to treat a child as a deficient and/or diminished thinker. And so you’ll find really stupid songs written to them. I recommend music written for them a message that they can keep for life.

Yvonne: What sounds or noises do you love?

Badi: I love all sounds that give me positive emotions. Going from nature to electronic beats – it’s a very long list.

Yvonne: Do you have a mantra or manifesto for living and loving with your whole heart?

Badi: I pray every night to all gods. First thanking them for the miracle to be alive and for everything I have accomplished during the day. Later I ask health for my body, mind and soul. I spread this love to all my family and close friends then to the universe. We are here for a reason we can only guess. In our hearts we carry beliefs and faiths. I believe and have faith that we’re here to evolve as human beings. I keep very, very simple goals for this myself.

Yvonne: Besides music and family, what are some of your other passions?

Badi: Nature. Art in general (more specifically dance and cinema). Cooking for friends, and enjoying the marvellous tastes gastronomy can provide us around the world. This magical and mysterious world… :)

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Dear friends,

September… Everything’s fine bellow the Equator.

October is approaching… And with it my new CD is going to knock your door!
‘Love and other Manias’ is arriving in Europe… I’ll tour mainly Germany and London for now, but I’ll be back next May to tour the rest of Europe.
To check the schedule, please check it out:
Tour Badi Assad

Meanwhile… So much going on down here…

Among all, I’m enjoying and touring with Brazilian release, which is my project devoted to kids ‘Cantos de Casa’.

Julia Crowe wrote a very nice article:
It’s Child’s Play for Badi Assad in Her Cantos de Casa

To hear the songs you can click here Cantos de Casa
(It’s all in Portuguese, but when time allows me… I’ll translate it all to English! Better, I’ll find someone to help! My English is always written in a Badysm style :)
But if you want a teaser you can see this video with English subtitles: Video Release

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Badi Assad

The french guitar player Damien Aribert recorded one of my tunes ‘The Being Between’ in his latest CD ‘Destinations’. Thank you Damien! Great recording!

Cover Damien (front)

Cover Damien (back)